Falcon UAV Supports Colorado Flood Relief Until Grounded By FEMA

As if the federal government needs more to be embarrassed about, there is this nugget from the Colorado flooding last month.

It seems that rescue crews in the state had been using UAVs to map the damage due to flooding, potentially speeding the process of getting relief to those who needed it most. In fact, when the Colorado National Guard’s aircraft were grounded due to weather, the UAVs continued to fly. However, when the Federal Emergency Management Agency arrived to provide support, they forbid the further use of UAVs under threat of arrest.

This map is illegal.

I’ll let the reader draw their own conclusions.

One thought on “Falcon UAV Supports Colorado Flood Relief Until Grounded By FEMA”

  1. I’d love to hear the official response/excuse as to why they didn’t allow this. Even if they’d temporarily grounded manned aircraft for 30 minutes it would’ve been highly beneficial. A temporary minimum altitude would have allowed them to fly concurrently anyhow. Thanks, bureaucrazy!

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