The Real Future of Education?

Maybe breakthroughs in education won’t come in the form of MOOCs or technology, or smaller class sizes or charter schools.  Though one of the keys would appear to be the drastic improvement of elementary and secondary teaching quality, that is a tough hill to climb, with plenty of political obstacles and limited of short-term ROI. Instead, some German companies appear to be transplanting their apprenticeship model to certain places in the US: for the final two years of high school, the students take technical classes in addition to their graduation requirements and work for pay at the same time.

Courtesy Washington Post

This seems like a good idea on many, many levels.  No college debt.  Earning money in a career right away.  Not encouraging kids to go to college who don’t really have the desire or capability to be there.  Re-creating a manufacturing base in the US where American workers are valuable enough to keep companies here.

Recasting high school, German firms transplant apprentice model to U.S. | Washington Post

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