Drone Adventures Uses UAVs to Help Make the World a Better Place

I continue to be amazed (and truthfully a bit jealous–why didn’t I think of that first?) by the new applications being developed for UAVs, in this case very cheap ones.

The short of it was that this company used a team of small UAVs over the course of 10 days to fully autonomously map a 45 square kilometer area of Haiti. This could provide critical data for rebuilding efforts, especially since the earthquake drastically altered the landscape and rendered older maps useless. Even more helpful is that the high definition cameras used for mapping could take photographs from a far lower altitude than a manned aircraft.

Let’s also consider the costs; I don’t know enough to spitball numbers, but I do know that fuel, depreciation, insurance, and pilot fees are all costs that are significant for a manned mission and basically nil for the unmanned. Add to that the reduced risk of catastrophic failure, and it seems like a no brainer that this mission is better suited for UAVs, even if the manned mission could have been accomplished in three days instead of ten.


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