Don’t Look Now, But See Who’s Catching Up?

Did you know that China has a space station?

That blew my mind when I read this article–made me feel very sheepish for my “Western-centric” thinking.  Why shouldn’t I expect that non-western countries, especially one as ambitious as the People’s Republic of China, can have a substantial space program?

Courtesy Slate Magazine

I hope that this a) helps keep the US engaged in space exploration at the right level, and b) fosters Sino-American cooperation.  It is quite interesting to consider how quickly China will be able to move forward with their space program, given that their government can do so unchecked–the American government is too bogged down in budget negotiations and pork barreling and regulatory guidance to make anywhere near the same amount of progress. I won’t be surprised if the Chinese make it to Mars before we do, and likely in then next 30 years.

A Chinese Palace Crosses the Sun | Slate


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